Would you like Andrew to pay for someone to fly to your dance event (meanwhile advertising it to thousands of dancers)?

On Dec 31st, Andrew is holding a raffle for everyone subscribed to his newsletter. Andrew is paying up to $1000 of the winner’s flight to any participating dance event in the world.

If you would like your event to participate, read on and fill out the questionnaire below.

My Promise to You

If you provide 1 free ticket and housing for a winner that chooses to attend your event, here is how I will promote your event:

  1. I will pay up to $1000 for the winner’s flights to and from your event.
  2. An email will be sent to my list of contacts (currently over 2,010 dancers) announcing your event as the winner’s choice and providing information about your upcoming event.
  3. A link to your website will be added to my web page, www.SmoothSavoy.com/FreeDanceTrip for at least 6 months after winner notification promoting your upcoming and/or next year’s event. (From Aug 1–31, this page of my website was viewed 178 times by 132 unique viewers.)
  4. An email highlighting the participant’s most memorable moments at your event will be added to my website and sent out in another email after your event.

If you agree to participate and the winner chooses another event, your information will still be added to my website and viewed by many of my contacts periodically throughout the year. Yay for free advertising!

Add Your Dance Event to the Raffle