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I am a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara where I obtained my bachelor's degree in engineering. I started dancing on March 30th, 1998 when I attended my first beginner East Coast lesson at the UCSB Swing and Ballroom Dance Club. From that point on I was hooked! My desire to learn was unstoppable. Over the next few years, I began to have dreams of making dancing (not engineering) my career.

Today, I am a full-time traveling Lindy Hop instructor living in Sacramento, California. Ok, "living" might not be quite the right word as I spend about 10 months of each year traveling to different countries in Europe, many of the US states, and also now in Australia to teach the Lindy Hop.

One of my main dance goals is to help Lindy Hop communities around the world to unite and grow the dance. While I do teach at several international workshops throughout the year, I specialize in going to the small Lindy Hop scenes around the world and helping them get started towards building their scene.

Starting traveling with the Flyin' Lindy Hoppers in 1999 and continuing on my own in 2001, I have had the opportunity to work and teach with some of the best Lindy Hoppers from all over the world. Because of these opportunities, my engineering degree, and my continued drive to learn more; I feel I have a unique position to teach in a very original way. All of my classes are my own creations, inspired of course by many instructors around the world, yet definitely still unique and original ways to explain the dance.

Beyond my learning and teaching experiences, I just LOVE to dance. When I go dancing I always want to dance with everyone in the room � leaders and followers � however, this is not always easy to do. So if you see me out dancing, please come ask me to dance!

I share a warehouse flat in Sacramento with Dan Printz (some of you might know him as "Honey") and many other dancers traveling through Sacramento. I have had some of the greatest roommates a guy could hope for. All dancers, they give me lots of inspiration in my dancing and my life in general. When I make it back to the warehouse (only a few weeks a year), we always have a great time, and we usually host a dance or two at our self-built bachelor pad � complete with hot tub, dance floor, and movie projector all in the same room.

My parents and my brother may think I�m crazy, but they support me 150% in all I do. Thanks Fam! Love ya!

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