How I Teach :.

My teaching methods are a little unconventional.

In traditional classes, you learn a style of dance. If you learn tango, you can’t dance to J Lo. If you learn Salsa, you can’t dance to Prince. My goal is to teach you to dance to any music, your old favorites, the new hits, anything your heart desires. You learn to dance to ALL the music that YOU love, so you can, as I like to say, Make Every Dance Amazing!

In traditional classes… What you learn often only works with others who learn the same. I adjust classic topics like musicality and connection so you can use them with everyone in every style. That way you can dance with anyone, even if they didn’t take the same class as you, again giving you the skills to Make Every Dance Amazing!

Having a degree in Engineering has been instrumental in developing my unique approach on how to break things down. In Engineering, the more we learn about the smaller pieces, the more we understand the whole. I believe this is the same for dancing. For example, If a swing out or any movement isn't working (or isn't as great as it could be) it is probably because some of it's smaller pieces aren't working properly. Most people understand this and so they break down the swing out into smaller pieces (i.e. step, step... triple step... step step... triple step...). This is a good start, but I believe these single steps are the big pieces and we must break them down further to see what is happening between the steps. So instead of teaching a lot of moves, I specialize in teaching the bits and pieces that make the moves. This same technique of teaching works when talking about musicality, creativity, and everything else in dancing.

All of my classes are my own creations, inspired of course by many instructors around the world, yet definitely still unique and original ways to explain the dance.

Some of my specialties are:
  • Musicality
  • Creativity
  • Lead/Follow Techniques
  • Aerials
  • Leg Leads
  • Warehouse Blues Dancing
  • Body vs Arm Leads
  • Creating a Community Atmosphere
My classes have A LOT of material for the Follows!

Because of the unique concepts and methods that I teach with, even my "Beginner" classes are usually very interesting for most advanced dancers and teachers.

Dance Ninjas

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