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Your brilliance is that even your workshops feel like a private class.

.: Melanie Besecke, Berlin, Germany

I've been dancing about 8 years myself and have gotten fairly picky about the instructors I spend my time with. Of all the Lindy/Charleston instructors I know, I'd put Andrew up there with Steven and Virginie or Paul and Sharon. His teaching style is very well connected with the students. I can see he spends a lot of time working on how to communicate with the class. The message is very clear. There are those who can dance, those who can teach, and few who can do both well. Andrew is one of those few.

.: John Cover, Cleveland, OH

Andrew, I always describe dancing with you as dancing with an entire band.

.: Jesse Hanus, Albany, NY

Andrew was really a catalyst for the Central Pennsylvania Swing Dance Club (CPSDC). He breathed life into our long-time dancers, inspired our newcomers, and made our scene fun by adding a playful and gaming nature. His passion for teaching and his excellent sense of humor left our dancers talking about his workshops nearly a year later - and constantly inquiring about when he'd be returning. His classes were well-structured and unique in nature - the content was outstanding! Most importantly, Andrew's down-to-earth nature makes him a stand-out instructor. While in our area, he danced with first-timers and old jitterbugger�s as well as our skilled lindy hoppers - his non-discriminating eye made everyone feel included in the learning and excitement. Andrew is by far the greatest thing that has happened to CPSDC and we can't wait to have him back.

.: Amanda Hansen, PR Director, CPSDC, Carlisle, PA

Picture this... The place: San Francisco exchange The time: late night. A friend points out to me a lead I really should dance with, so I ask him to dance. His name: Andrew Sutton. Within the first few eight-counts of the song I went from feeling like a newby to feeling like I was half of the most musical dancing couple in the room. I specifically remember a part of the song that sounded like a train rolling by. This may sound a little crazy, but somehow Andrew made ME the train. He made me do things with musicality and movement I wasn't aware I could do yet. I was thoroughly impressed. I could go on, but follows, if you haven't danced with this man, you must make it your life-long goal to do so. The fact that he's coming to Portland to share his insights on connection and musicality is especially exciting. Just in time for our exchange!!

.: Sara Huntington, Portland, OR

What would it take to have him back to portland! Really! His dancing is only surpassed by his teaching technique!!!

.: Debbie Balsley, Portland, OR

I just want to say that I thought Andrew's workshops were fantastic!! whew, I learned a lot of cool moves, and burned plenty of calories too! Thank you Scott for bringing him to Portland. No kidding! He teaches fun things and explains them clearly. Heck, he took the time to give everyone in the class a mini-private after the second aerials class to make sure everyone got it... Total rock-star.

.: Joshua Keroes, Portland, OR

While the "stealing games" workshop provided really useful techniques, it was also a hoot! I've never had so much fun at a workshop before. And the "advanced footwork within advanced moves" was plenty challenging--even for the most accomplished dancers.

.: Mary Davidson, Portland, OR

Actually, your brilliant workshop last year has been my very first so you should be the one responsible for me becoming slowly addicted.

.: Kerstin, Germany

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