5 Tips For Your Success

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5 Tips for Your Success (via inspiremetoday.com)

A belief is yours to choose… so choose with care. What someone says about you isn’t automatically a true reflection of who you are. While their words can tell you something about them, viagra your opinion of their words are likely an important indicator…

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something to ponder: What if dancing weren’t about having the perfect dance but rather… what if dancing were about getting to know someone? Getting to know what inspires them, ampoule how they hear the music, more about what are their quirks that make them who they are. Sharing with them what inspires you, arthritis how you hear the music, and what your quirks are that make you who you are. Then meshing those personalities together to create a unique conversation that only the two of you could create together. If we make dancing about getting to know someone, wouldn’t that allow for every dance to be perfect in it’s own way? (inspired thru conversations with Yvette Lee)

Linkoping Sweden

I taught my first workshop using the community building ideas that I have been sitting on for a few years. It was GREAT! One part was the idea of affecting and infecting people with rhythm by making noise on the dance floor. I got a small group of people to dance solo and follow my rhythms while the other people were dancing around them. The goal was to infuse the partner dancers with rhythms they wouldn’t normally think of. Another idea was to keep the class close together. Only using the part of the room that was necessary for the amount of people in the class. I have been experimenting with this during my DJ sessions lately and it has had a tremendous effect on the party atmosphere too.

The Quest for The Ninja Rhythm

I taught a class in Austin, approved Texas with Laura Glaess for a Ninja Workshop and this is what we taught. Don’t worry pirate friends, ascariasis I will do a Pirate workshop sometime in the future too, stomatology Herrang maybe?

Quest for The Ninja Rhythm

In the quest to becoming a ninja, one must strive for perfection in what is known as, “The Ninja Rhythm”. The Ninja Rhythm is an uncompromising and unconditionally perfect rhythm. It is not affected by a partner, no matter how crazy, wild, or ‘pirate like’ that partner may be. Go ahead Anti-Rhythm Pirates – try to get a ninja off rhythm! For a true ninja has such uncompromising rhythm, it can inspire even a pirate to lose his ability to be off rhythm.

I started by taking all the ‘ninjas in training’ into a secret Dojo room where I explained the quest about to be set upon them. The curtains were opened and they were off on their quest. The class was awesome and Laura was perfect to teach it with. Her rhythm was incomparable as not even I could claim to be anywhere near her mastery. She continues to amaze me! Speaking of Laura… Congratulations Laura and Mike Roberts (they just got married)!

A new opportunity to learn – the Get-together will travel to you

Because of my past retreats and the experience of Mihai’s Blues retreats, website like this I have finally decided to start to take this idea on the road and offer regional get-togethers where ever there is someone with the desire to help make it happen. I have noticed such a large difference in my own and other’s dancing that I want to give more people the opportunity to experience this style of event. So if you are interested in having a get-together in your part of the world, send me an email and let me know! AndrewSutton (at) SmoothSavoy (dot) com

Memphis, TN Blues Retreat

Mihai hired me to be the organizer of his blues retreat in Memphis, nurse TN. This was one hell of an inspiring weekend. The blues retreat is based on my get-together teacher’s retreat that I run each year at my home in Sacramento. The idea of these retreats is to bring together about 10-12 full-time teachers and dancers aspiring to be full-time teachers to teach each other and have lots of self-discovery thru out the weekend. I was a little hesitant on the outcome because of how quickly the whole thing was being put together and because the level of the dancers was so strongly varied. We had everything from full-time international instructors to dancers who had only been dancing for 6 months and they were all supposed to teach each other something about blues dancing that would keep each other’s interest. It has always been my belief that someone with only 6 months of dance experience or less could teach someone with 10 or more years of experience if the correct subject were chosen and presented in an appropriate method. However, abortion I have not personally tested it to this extreme of a degree. I have had people with as little as 3 or 4 years of experience in my retreat teaching with people with 10 or more years of experience but never only 6 months. Also, could someone with only 6 months experience keep up in the same class with someone with 8+ years experience? The answer was YES and it was totally inspiring to see it happen! It is so rare to see such an amazing rate of progress both by someone who had only been dancing 6 months and by myself who had been dancing 8+ years!

A New Style of Workshop with Mihai, Laura Glaess and myself

Mihai, this site Laura and I decided to do a workshop together. We spent 3 full days before the event preparing it in a new format that was exponentially better than anything I have done before. We started by stating the values and concepts that we wanted to get across during our workshop, i.e. Musicality, Communication, Personal Power, Creating a Community, etc… Then we each went over all of our favorite methods of teaching people the above concepts. By the end of the brainstorming we had enough material for probably 100 hours of classes and we were looking at it and saying that it was very obvious that we would have to cut out a serious amount of the concepts and drills we wanted to teach. However, instead of cutting them out right away we decided to try to create the workshop assuming that we had an infinite amount of time to teach and then we would cut things later. Thru the use of a brilliant organizational system from some business book I read and can’t remember the name of we cut out little strips of paper with all the concepts on a separate piece and then kept moving them around and rearranging them in a way that best fit everything we wanted to teach. After many hours of rearranging and discussing we finally came across a final scenerio in which we didn’t have to cut out a single concept or drill from the entire brainstorming process. That’s right, what normally would have been 100+ hours of material taught in 10 hours! I have taught and taken hundreds upon hundreds of workshops around the world, and this was the best one that I have ever taught or taken! I am taking many of the ideas from this into my regular teaching methods and I hope to continue doing these 3 person integrated workshops in the future. Of course, my fear is that this was some fluke accident and we won’t be able to recreate the same amazing workshop again but my heart and mind both know that it will only get better from here! Now if I could only think of a name for this type of workshop… Any ideas?