What is Fusion Dancing? = Social Partner Dancing

>I originally wanted this blog to start when my last tour started but I was lazy and didn’t actually start posting in my blog until halfway thru the trip. So the following 12 or so blogs is what happened during the first 2 months of my tour. Here we go, gastritis imagine Wayne and Garth doing the “doodaly doodaly doodaly” thing right now. – ok, glands I have a new blog system and now this blog is irrelevant but I wanted to keep the doodaly doo… thing, so here it stays!
Simply put… Fusion Dancing is a way of Social Partner Dancing (as well as teaching & organizing) so that you can best dance with anyone (no matter what their style) to any music.  Complexly put… well,
that is what this post is all about.

This post will include:

  •  my thoughts about “What is Fusion Dancing?”
  • why I feel Fusion is a very important aspect of any social dance as well as teaching dance &/or organizing events
  • my favorite quotes from other dancers/teachers
  • a discussion on the myths and rumors around Fusion

Please add your questions &/or ideas below.