How Andrew’s Tips Have Helped Improve My Dancing

Please post your experiences of how my email series
3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Dancing
has helped your dancing.


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  • Regina

    Hello from Austria and thank you for your Emails. I gave it to our teacher and we learned to understand it. My husband and I dance since 10 years and our biggest problem is our connection. Know we will learn it again and again and think about that what you send us. In a few days, weeks or month we will get it.


    Thank you very much for the tips and tricks! We are learning a lot from you. Swinging greetings from us!

  • JenniferS

    The biggest take-home point for me was learning that there isn't one "right" way to dance or connect. As a beginner, I thought there was one right way, and it was always "X" amount of pressure and that shouldn't change. Now I am seeing where to use more or less connection.