What is Fusion Dancing? = Social Partner Dancing

>I originally wanted this blog to start when my last tour started but I was lazy and didn’t actually start posting in my blog until halfway thru the trip. So the following 12 or so blogs is what happened during the first 2 months of my tour. Here we go, gastritis imagine Wayne and Garth doing the “doodaly doodaly doodaly” thing right now. – ok, glands I have a new blog system and now this blog is irrelevant but I wanted to keep the doodaly doo… thing, so here it stays!
Simply put… Fusion Dancing is a way of Social Partner Dancing (as well as teaching & organizing) so that you can best dance with anyone (no matter what their style) to any music.  Complexly put… well,
that is what this post is all about.

This post will include:

  •  my thoughts about “What is Fusion Dancing?”
  • why I feel Fusion is a very important aspect of any social dance as well as teaching dance &/or organizing events
  • my favorite quotes from other dancers/teachers
  • a discussion on the myths and rumors around Fusion

Please add your questions &/or ideas below.


  • Fusion is fusing your movement with your partners movement to fit the music.

  • "Fusion is the ability to dance with anybody, anywhere, any time, to any music." L.K. SF, CA

  • Fusion is a community as well as a way of dancing, organizing, & teaching dance. It can be done within a specific dance form like Lindy Hop, Blues, Tango, Salsa, etc… or it can be done without a specific dance form or genre. To learn more about the community, check out http://www.FusionXchange.com

  • Is it Blues Dancing? = for some people, yes… for others, no.

    Some people call this concept "Blues Dancing" but I prefer to call it Fusion Dancing to avoid confusion with old styles of dancing that are specifically associated with Blues Music & done with specific Blues aesthetics. Plus "Fusion" accurately describes my belief of the goal behind Fusion… fusing your movement with your partners movement & the music (whereas "Blues" does not).

    So why do some people call it "Blues Dancing"? There are 2 main reasons…
    1. From ~1998-2007, Lindy Hop & Blues dancers were starting to develop the concept of Fusion but didn't have a name for it yet (not until ~2007/2008) so it got jumbled into the Blues Dance category for almost 10 years because it was more like Blues than Lindy Hop. I am sure other styles of dance have been developing the concept for many years as well but I am only referencing the genres I know of (Lindy Hop & Blues).

    2. Since most of the Fusion organizers are in the Blues community, this also means many of the people dancing Fusion and attending Fusion Events around the world today have knowledge in Blues Dancing and use basic patterns often associated with Blues in their dancing, so it can easily look like & be confused with Blues Dancing. That said, Fusion Events are branching out to other dance genres as well and if you go to The Fusion Exchange – http://www.FusionXchange.com – you will see more & more styles of dance influencing Fusion each year. I look forward to the day when Fusion is also clearly influencing these other styles of dance too!